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Abstracts: Frequently asked questions

  Where can I view my abstract?

Abstracts will be displayed in the exhibition hall on traditional poster boards, providing a space where you can share and discuss your work with your peers. Your poster will also be displayed on SciGens website as an ePoster.

   What are the requirements for physical poster display?

  • All physical poster sizes must be portrait AO size, 841mm (w) x 1189mm (h), one to a side – your poster must not exceed these measurements.
  • It is not permitted to include the RCR logo or crest on the physical poster image. Any physical poster containing the RCR logo will not be displayed or published.
  • Posters can be displayed from the first break, on day one of the conference, Monday 3 February 2025 until the end of the second break on day two, Tuesday 4 February 2025.
  • Presenters are welcome to stand by their posters, but this is not compulsory.
  • Posters can be displayed across both days.
  • It is the responsibility of the presenter to take down their poster during the second break on day two.
  • We are unable to return uncollected posters. Any posters remaining after this time will be recycled.

  How can I access the ePosters?

ePosters will be displayed on the SciGen Technologies platform and available to view on the virtual conference platform CrowdComms. In addition to viewing the ePosters on the conference days, the ePosters will remain on CrowdComms, our virtual conference platform for 30 days post conference and on the SciGen ePosters platform for an unlimited period.

Details about accessing the SciGen site will be included in the event reminder emails which will be sent two weeks before the conference. Abstracts will also be published in the RCR Open online journal.

  Can I use the RCR logo on my poster or oral presentation slides?

No, the RCR logo or crest must not be displayed on or included on the physical poster or ePoster image. Any material containing the RCR logo will not be displayed or published. 

  Who can submit a poster?

All competitions are open to RCR Fellows and members and we are delighted to extend the abstract competitions to non-members, giving more opportunities to share and learn from colleagues around the world.

  Will I earn CPD credits for submitting and participating in the abstract competitions?

Yes, you will earn an additional 3 CPD credits as lead author and 1 CPD credit for each co-author. Only lead authors will be sent a CPD certificate. Co-authors can claim their CPD by completing a self-reflective form. 

  How can I vote for the People's Choice Award?

In-person attendees will have the opportunity to view all physical poster submissions. The best poster will be voted for by your peers and colleagues. Voting will be available using a QR code displayed at the conference. 

  How will the winners be decided?

Judges appointed by the Conference Leads will assess and judge the scientific content and quality of submissions. To avoid any conflict of interest, a “blind” review process will be used. The decision of the judges is final. Physical posters will be eligible for the People’s Choice Award and voted live at the conference.   

  When will the winners be announced?

Abstract winners will be announced during the conference. The People's Choice Award winner will be announced across our social media channels and on the RCR Global AI Conference website following the day after the conference closes. 



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